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We are a group of highly qualified lawyers who have come together to defend our clients’ interests in the most complex of cases until the best possible resolution is achieved



Specializes in dispute resolution and dealing with public bodies.

Specializes in dispute resolution and dealing with public bodies.

  • With over 20 years of experience under his belt, including The Prosecutor-General's Office and National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, he provides robust defence to his clients in Ukraine and abroad.
  • His meticulous approach and encyclopaedic knowledge of the law helps him identify the position of advantage and guarantees the best strategy/tactics building for any particular case, as well as its proactive and fast realization – all to maximize your chance of success.
  • He consistently achieves exceptional results even in the most difficult of cases and has gained an excellent reputation and respect of other court users.
  • He is a member of the Council of The Committee for the Protection of Advocates’ Rights of The Ukrainian National Bar Association.



Deputy Chairman

Doctor of Law, PhD in Economics, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the Higher School of Advocacy of The Ukrainian National Bar Association

Doctor of Law, PhD in Economics

Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the Higher School of Advocacy of The Ukrainian National Bar Association

Chairman of the Committee for Expert Support of Advocacy of the The Ukrainian National Bar Association

The author of over 80 scientific publications on the subject of economic and financial crimes, the issues of applying forensic examination in the judicial process in Ukraine and problem-solving in the practice of forensic economics

She specializes in providing advice and successfully defending the interests of her clients in the field of financial and business offences at various levels of jurisdiction, in particular:

  • Defence in the field of economic activity;
  • Completeness and accuracy of tax base for companies and individuals, appeals against tax notices, tax avoidance and tax evasion;
  • Governmental financial auditing and misuse of public funds;
  • Financial loss prevention in business activities;
  • Compliance with currency legislation, disputes with customs authorities;
  • Compliance with currency control and anti-dumping procedures;
  • Compliance with competition (antitrust) law;
  • Banking, monetary and credit transactions;
  • Unjust enrichment and restitution;
  • Corporate dispute resolution and mediation.

Utilising many years of her hands-on experience in business as well as her career as a forensic economist with the right to execute assessments in the areas of “Examination of accounting and tax documentation”, “Examination of business activity documentation for enterprises and organizations”, “Examination of financial and credit documentation”, she can skilfully optimize:

  • Audit preparation and support;
  • The algorithm for appealing the results of audit and inspection of financial and economic activities using primary documents and accounting registers;
  • The process of evidence formation;
  • Ways of nullifying the risks of prosecution for financial offenses.



Deputy Chairman

Legal Work Experience - 12 years
Advocacy practice - 5 years

Legal Work Experience - 12 years

Advocacy practice - 5 years

  • Specialization: civil, economic, and administrative disputes.
  • She graduated Kyiv National University of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in 2010 and gained the qualification of Master of Laws (LLM).
  • In 2016, she obtained a Certificate in legal practice and advocacy.
  • She is based in Kyiv and specializes predominantly in civil, commercial and administrative cases. Galina is also highly experienced in the law of obligations.



Senior Partner

Legal Work Experience - 16 years
Advocacy practice – 10 years

Legal Work Experience - 16 years

She is a legal practitioner specializing in criminal, civil and corporate law.

Until 2015, she represented clients’ interests in civil, administrative, and commercial cases.

Since 2016, having changed her specialization, she mainly provides legal representation in criminal proceedings.

Over the course of her legal practice, she has gained valuable expertise and has built a solid background in dealing with the most challenging and complex criminal proceedings, including multiple high-profile cases.

Currently, one of the primary focuses of her work is the provision of expert legal advice and assistance to individuals accused of financial, white-collar crimes and official misconduct.

Offering bespoke approach to each individual case she provides effective solutions and secures the best possible results for her clients.

In recognition of her dedication and professional achievements, she was awarded by the National Bar Association of Ukraine.


Senior partner

He specializes in solving cases of road accidents and life safety

Legal Practitioner

He has extensive practical expertise in the fields of forensic engineering (Road Traffic Offences) Health & Safety and Regulatory matters (accidents, technical standard compliance, technical retrofitting and modification, etc.), which he widely utilizes in his practice to the advantage of his clients.

He provides personalized legal assistance in the following categories of cases:

  • Road traffic and Motoring offences (car accidents), including compensation;
  • Health and occupational safety;
  • Protection of corporate interests;
  • Protection of intellectual property rights;
  • Financial and credit disputes in the field of construction;
  • International business disputes;
  • Immigration services;
  • Representation of clients’ interests in the field of social security and pension.

The lecturer of the advanced training courses for lawyers of the Higher School of Advocacy of the National Bar Association of Ukraine.



Legal Work Experience - 7 years

Advocacy practice – 2 years

Legal Work Experience - 7 years

Advocacy practice – 2 years

He graduated the National Aviation University in 2013 and gained the qualification of Master of Laws (LLM)

In 2019, he obtained a Certificate in legal practice and advocacy

He specializes in corporate law as well as registration of business entities and non-profit organizations.

Why Choose Us?

Domestic legislation, de facto, is much more than the printed volumes of codes on bookshelves, but an ever-changing and evolving array of information. The actual practice of applying domestic legislation is extremely variable, complicated and, at times, even self-contradictory. However, no matter the allegation, you can count on us.

With our top-class expert knowledge, practical legal skills, and extensive expertise we will guide you through these uncertain troubling times to a better future.

We know and love what we do, but it is not the process but the desired outcome of our joint work which has the most significance – we understand it is a team effort and by working FOR you and WITH you we consistently achieve excellent results.

Our proposed plan of action may be different from what you may have expected, however the breadth and depth of our knowledge as well as our extensive understanding of the legal causality allows us to offer the best possible solution for your particular case.

Is where the solution to your problem begins