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We cannot guarantee to resolve all your problems. However, we can assure you that we will do all we possibly can and will deliver everything that was promised after reviewing your case. We fight to win. Your future is our job. We understand it is your life, livelihood and reputation which are at stake and treat our clients like family.

In which circumstances can we help you?

We provide a wide and varied range of legal services and can help you if:

– You have an intention to go to court or other public body to defend the rights which were violated – either your own or your loved ones;
– You are summoned for questioning by the pre-trial investigation body;
– You have not been summoned yet, but you suspect that a pre-trial criminal investigation is ongoing, which may not be in your best interest;
– You are already a litigant in a court case;
– You need to appeal the decision – either in the court of appeal or the court of cassation;
– You plan to appeal the court’s decision due to newly discovered circumstances;
– You want to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights;
– You have a particular legal problem in another country, but for some reason are deprived of the opportunity to resolve it there.

What should I do if the law enforcement officers call and invite me for an interview?

Even if you are assured that this is just a formality which will not take much time, you should always take it seriously. In many cases, any communication with investigators or detectives in the absence of a lawyer could potentially lead to significant problems. Even if you are confident in your innocence and the legality of your actions – it is advisable for you to call a lawyer as soon as possible and to abstain from any contact with the law enforcement without their presence. These pre-charge enquiries are an important part of our work and early intervention in the course of an investigation could be vital in the long run. You can always contact us for a confidential and no obligation discussion about your case.

What is the cost of your services?

Each case is unique and requires various amounts of time and resources, it is therefore difficult to estimate the cost in advance. Our aim is to be transparent with our clients and to discuss fees at the outset of the case. We offer real value for money with our pragmatic, timely, goal-oriented approach. With our top-class team of expert lawyers, you may find the cost of our services is much lower than the quality of legal assistance we provide.

Moreover, on occasion we work pro bono, protecting the lawful interests of those unable to pay for our work.

Who works at UNUM?

Our team consists of highly regarded professionals in their respective fields whose collective aim is to provide our clients with outstanding results. We are all members of the National Bar Association of Ukraine, with some chairing self-governing advocacy bodies. We pride ourselves on strict adhering to the Rules of Advocacy Ethics.

How do I know which of your lawyers is best for me?

Upon discussing the details of your case, our team will decide who is the most suitable lawyer to represent you. In some instances, it may be advisable for several barristers to get involved – while one attorney may be responsible for the general course of the case, another one may take over other associated duties. Either way, “your lawyer” will always remain at your disposal for advice and support. This is further proof that we aim to provide you with the most robust and efficient service to ensure you receive the best possible assistance and defence.

How will I be informed about the progress of my case?

We recognize the importance of communication and transparency between an attorney and a client. In order to reduce the cost of our services while maximizing the outcomes, we aim to inform you about the important developments in the case and to respond to your enquiries in reasonable time. In addition, you will always be notified if your presence is required either at our office, at court or other institution.

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